Seeing people happy, healthy and functional again makes it all worth it!

Yasmin was incredibly helpful in identifying my altered recruitment patterns in a myofacial release session. With her extensive knowledge and expertise she was able to pin point which muscles are overused and which are underused. In only one, one hour session I felt adjusted and relief. Additionally she gave me exercises to correct my altered recruitment patterns and I can already feel a difference after only one week. Yasmin is not only knowledgable and professional, she is also a very kind hearted person.
— Brie H, Brooklyn NY
For endless years I have been faced with quite a variety of health problems. I became a medical mystery. Many procedures, so many tests, and medications; yet, no one knew what was wrong with me. I just learned to accept my headaches, IBS, sinus problems, neck pain, facial pain, burning pain, etc.

Recently when I had another major flareup I decided to try physical therapy at a suggestion of a doctor. When that did not help I then tried acupuncture. Six months later I stopped everything feeling emotionally and physically drained.

I read about myofascial release. I spoke to a number of therapist to see if this was the route for me to go. That is when I found Yasmin who is more knowledgeable about the human body than anyone I ever met. She explained to me why I have been suffering for so many years. Much to my surprise, I found out that many of my health issues were related. Through her sessions I’m feeling relief for the very first time. Her expertise and her compassion is now bringing me back to good health.

She fixes the problem by finding out “WHY” there is a problem.

I highly recommend you see Yasmin. Her expertise and healing hands makes her my “miracle worker”.
— Susan A, Bayside NY
My experience with Yasmin has been very positive. I have dealt with various back and neck pain for many years. Recently as in the past, I had a flare-up with considerable pain and discomfort. I went back to a Chiropractor, who helped me mildly. However, I felt other past symptoms arising and my pain continued. I had read Yasmin’s reviews so I decided to give something different a try. Yasmin explained her therapy very well, how it works and how it differs drastically from chiropractic. After my first visit was over I got up and noticed how my whole body was feeling very different, much lighter and more relaxed. After my second visit I would say my symptoms of discomfort improved by 70%. I continued for more visits and subsequently felt better and better. I have not felt so well in many years and was quite surprised how much more resilient my back and body has become. Her work is holding and I have not experienced the usual relapses and aggravations that I experienced with Chiropractors. I am very glad I decided to go to Yasmin for treatment and would highly recommend her to anyone that is dealing with unyielding spinal and muscular issues.
— Nate R, Manhasset NY
I’ve been seeing Yasmin for the past year for a variety of issues that seem to be somewhat chronic for me. She has a unique approach and does a great job of focusing attention to problem areas and getting results. She’s also a pro at exercise, and her advise about movement to avoid or to focus upon is really helpful to me. I have to drive quite a ways to see her (usually during rush hour with my schedule) but it’s always worth the trip.
— Jason R, Austin Tx
Yasmin has been an integral part of my recovery from prostate surgery and the pain I felt from the pelvic floor muscles. In a very short time, I became pain free.

Yasmin is knowledgeable and thorough in her approach, and is extremely responsive to specific areas of discomfort and always makes the pain go away, for significant periods of time.

Scheduling is easy and I never wait when I arrive. I’m very glad to have found her, because the work she’s done has enabled me to enjoy life again.
— Jim K, Commack NY
was referred to Yasmin for pelvic pain that I had for about five years. I had tried getting massages before and none helped. Yasmin is very different because she knows the body so well and can locate the problem and provide relief. I have had so may aha moments in her office because I couldn’t believe what muscles affected the pain I had.
— Rachel H, West Hempstead NY
I happened to come across Yasmin’s info through my Urologist. After almost a year of seeing different Physical Therapists to treat issues related to muscle spasms that I have been experiencing post-childbirth, there wasn’t much improvement. It was affecting my daily mobility. I had a new baby at home and my husband had to do a lion share of the chores. I am a young mom and was getting upset with my limitations. I was getting frustrated with the lack of progress with whatever help I sought. My first conversation with Yasmin involved in telling her, at this point, this is my last resort and I am skeptical about any change but I am desperate to feel like I used to pre-childbirth since I felt like I tried everything that I was aware of. Yasmin was very understanding and compassionate. She understood my predicament and advised I keep an open mind. After my first session, all my body muscles were “awakened”. I knew some sort of change was happening and she did advise that due to several underlying issues, not to expect to feel 100% immediately. We have a lot of work to do and all the issues were slowly surfacing. Yasmin does a good job in setting expectations. She is always ready to explain about the different muscles in your body and how the tissues and muscles are all connected. She educates you through this process and I am someone who asks a lot of questions :). She suggests good life changes that should help with the recovery. I am 4 sessions in and I can tell you she does have magic hands. I am seeing some significant changes now. She truly loves to help people. I honestly thank God and Dr. Sonia Bahlani for helping me come across Yasmin. Keep doing you, Yasmin! We don’t have many people in the medical field who truly empathizes and does everything they can to help their clients or patients.
— SK N, East Meadow NY
I am a very active person but I have been in pain for a bit. I gave Yasmin my sports activities and my issues and she was able to find the best way to help. I went with one thing in mind and she told me why the other would work better. As a nurse I appreciated her explanations as to what she was doing and why. I will be returning to finish the process.
— Yvonne H, Bayside NY


Fascial Treatments help bring the body into a better position for health. The exercises and stretches help strengthen the individual in this position.

Yasmin is a miracle worker. I’m 46 and have been suffering for over a decade from chronically tight muscles in my back and legs with pelvic pain, back pain and tarsal tunnel syndrome in my feet. I’ve had to rely on using pain killers and a mobility scooter to go to work and do my shopping and get around. I’ve only seen Yasmin 3 times, but she has been able to release all of the muscles in my back, hamstrings, calves and other back muscles I didn’t even know were tight to such a degree that for the first time in many years I’m starting to feel what it’s like to be in a relaxed body again. My leg muscles feel like they are all working together the way they should and I am already doing more walking than I’ve done in years. She has given me hope where I thought there was none and I really know that I’ve found the body worker I have been endlessly searching for who really knows what is going on and what I need. I’ve been to countless doctors who have not been able to explain my condition or offer me any kind of a solution. I am very grateful for the work Yasmin is doing with me and feel like my body is slowly but surely coming back to life again. I highly recommend you see her for pain, or to simply feel good. I really have felt 20 years younger in my body working with her for a limited time and am looking forward to continue working with her and allowing my body to continue to heal.
— Grossberger V, Flushing NY
Yasmin is amazing! Very knowledgable and great hands. If you are looking for a pampering massage with oil, this isn’t what she does...this is actually better. She works on your fascia, that deep layer of connective tissue that is the root of most of your ailments. I have seen her 3x already and every time I feel better and better. Going back again to help relieve years of pain that I thought I would have to live with, but realizing after seeing her that I don’t have to. Definitely recommend her!
— Maria K, Astoria NY
I came to see Yasmin after seeing many other people and being in pain for many months. No one was able to help. I had started to accept the cronic pain as a part of daily life. I was referred by a family member and after just one session, I began to feel relief. What a joy! I am very thankful to have found her and be on the road to being pain free once again.
— Seela Z, Kings Park NY
Yasmin is truly a blessing. I have been seeing a chiropractor for some time now and although he helped there was always something more I needed. From the very first time I saw Yasmin I noticed a HUGE improvement. Not only did I feel better she gave me tips and tricks to ensure that I stayed feeling good. She explained every technique she was using and why she was doing it which is really important to me. Scheduling an appoitment couldn’t be any easier which is also a vital thing to me because of my crazy last minute schedule . Being able to just shoot a quick text to schedule our next appoitment is beyond convenient. I am so happy to have met Yasmin and I wouldn’t trust anyone else !!! Seriously , it’s life changing !
— Bridgett K, East Williston NY
I cannot say enough great things about Yasmin. I found her in a moment of utter despair. I have a very physically demanding job that takes its toll on my neck and shoulders. I try to keep up with regular maintance that would reduce the strains to a minimum. Unfortunately, I must have injured myself more than I thought one day because I woke up with numbness and tingling in my fingers. I was worried and immidiately began to look for someone who specialized in these types of issues. I was very lucky to have come across Yasmin’s information and set up an appointment for the next day.

For those of you familiar with the difference between actual therapeutic massage verses someone just rubbing oil on you - you will understand what I am about to say. This was not a Swedish massage situation. This was a deep tissue treatment that involved different parts of my body affecting the numbness in my hand. I was so thankful that I was finally on the road to recovery.

I instantly felt relief and was very grateful to have her work on me. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me as we went along. I was very comfortable with the entire session and have been incredibly satisfied with the progress so far. She has a gift and is a true gem to the profession.

I highly recommend her for anyone who is experiencing any acute or chronic pains.
— Patricia D, Bronx NY
Yasmin is the best of the best. She’s a true healer who always knows exactly what my body needs and how to put it into correct alignment. She is absolutely brilliant, knows her anatomy thoroughly, is always learning new techniques and is dedicated to helping me reach my goals. Yasmin is in a class of her own and I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have found her. When I first met her I was mostly confined to riding around for two years in a mobility scooter because of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Yasmin knew the problem was coming from my back and after a short time working with her I’ve been able to walk again without the scooter.
— George W H
I have been seeing Yasmin since April 2017 to address muscle spasm issues that I have been experiencing post-childbirth. These spams were affecting my daily mobility. Yasmin was able to assess all the issues that was causing all me great discomfort and she has been working on my muscles since then. Yasmin is always ready to explain about the different muscles in your body and how the tissues and muscles are all connected. She educates you through this process.She suggests good life changes that will help with the recovery. She is invested in helping out her patients. I have experienced significant changes since April. She is very quick to address areas of discomfort and truly has magic hands. I believe 80% of my issues have been addressed and this has helped me increase my workout. I need to build on strengthening my core and hopefully in time I will address the remaining 20% and feel whole again. Thank you Yasmin for helping me come this far. I always enjoy our sessions.
— Sher Koshy
I was told previously by several medical offices that they perform myofascial treatment and gotten minimal results. Yasmin is the real thing. I have been seeing her for over a month and my body has seen substantial improvements in its functioning. She is meticulous at her craft and has an amazing grasp of the human organism. I highly recommend her to people in need of deep tissue and muscle release. This is not a
typical massage that leaves you after a day when you go back to work. These massages have long lasting and penetrating effects that go beyond superficial typical massages. Give her a try!
— Mark S
I’ve held off writing my review of Yasmin’s services as I am definitely not a “one and done” patient. Although I felt immediate benefit after my first session with Yasmin, I knew that I was engaging in an overall process to realign my entire body, become lastingly pain free, and to have this therapy work in concert with ongoing training with my new exercise physiologist. I suffered from significant back and shoulder discomfort brought on by years and years of sitting in front of a computer screen by day and some very strenuous physical activities at times including racquetball, ice hockey and cycling– with no way of equipping my body to deal with it all. To top it off, throw in recovery from minor surgery in the spring.

I can’t say enough about Yasmin and her entire approach. We both agreed that there would be ups and downs in terms of how I was feeling during the journey (there have been), but that I would feel incrementally better in a lasting way after each session (I have). She combines an incredible knowledge of the musculoskeletal and fascial systems with very practical approaches to not just alleviating the pain but finding it’s true root cause. She performs her treatments with full disclosure of what she’s finding, the approach she is using, and what I can do on my own to promote further progress.

As another reviewer said – MRT is not a “let’s have a ‘spa day’ massage”. It’s tough, it hurts (during the session—not afterwards), but the results last and progress is measurable. Oh, and when you arrive at her office, you’re her patient at that time. Nobody is in line ahead of you. You are her total focus. I can’t recommend Yasmin enough!
— Chris J, Sea Cliff NY
I really thought I would never feel better! Doctors could not explain my symptoms and after splitting my tailbone and not being able to sit right for so long to heal. My issues just worsened. Walking, sitting wrong, not being able to bend without pain, could not pull in belly, neck, shoulder pain. I was sent for sonograms no one could help. Chiropractors promised could help after looking at x-rays said arthritis in neck and hip out of alignment. after ALLOT of money and 6 months 2 times a week I was sooo discouraged. I was recommended by an acquaintance to see her massage therapist. She did pinpoint my problem and promised she could help. I went to her 6 times kept thinking on the edge of being able to sit. Was getting discouraged traveled far to see her about to give up. very little progress but enough to keep trying. She could not see me for a month she was going on vacation. I’m soooo glad she did cause I found Yasmin:) while doing a google/ yelp search for myofascial/psoas massage! Not many people do this. After my first visit with Yasmin I felt a difference.. after seeing her for about a month and a half 1 time a week I’m SITTING HERE perfectly upright writing my review. Yasmin truly knows what she’s doing and explains everything! Since I started seeing her EVERYONE notices a difference in me smiling more .. look lighter amazing how the discomfort was effecting me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and as of today chest.. breathing better.. digesting better, sinus relief.. soo much more I’m sure. She’s fixing things Drs. never told me was wrong! Yasmin genuinely cares and adjusts and works with your body to make progress every time in different area you need .. You need it she will locate it...!!! She has CHANGED my life in everyway!!!!!!!! I tell everyone about her felt compelled to write a review my first but everyone needs to know how grateful I am to find her.
— A C , Massapequa Park
TRULY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. For about 1.5 year I have been dealing with pelvic floor pain combined with general muscle stiffness/spasming. For about 5 months I was completely sidelined with pain. Casual things like going to the restroom, walking and even getting a good sleep were a nightmare. I wasn’t able to drive car. i have seen quite few therapists and massagists. It was always big disappointment as I never had impression they really understand or even want to understand what they do.
With Yasmin it has been wholly different experience from day 1. Not only she can read your body and identify where your issue is, she explains it all to you! She even provides books to help you understand your own body. It works! I started to recover immediately and am returning back to my life. It’s not miracle, it’s all the knowledge, experience and passion Yasmin has for her job.
— Pavel R, Stony Brook NY
Yasmin is highly knowledgeable and will take a direct approach to uncovering the reason for your pain. She doesn’t waste time and you certainly won’t be wasting yours seeking treatment from her.
— John D, Rhinebeck NY
THE.BEST.DEEP.TISSUE.WORK.EVER!!! I was recommended to work with Yasmin for an acute issue. Yasmin is so exceptionally knowledgeable about the body and its mechanics. She figured out immediately that my acute issue was related to a chronic issue I’ve been dealing with for MANY years.

I have had several sessions with her and feel major changes to my pain level as well as how my body is functioning. Putting aside her paramount skill set, she is a GREAT person, empathetic and very trustworthy. All of which I believe to be important talents when your lying on someone’s massage table. From the minute I met Yasmin, I felt safe and secure and trusted implicitly in the fact that she would help me feel the best I could feel.

I feel compelled to add that she has always answered any questions I’ve had (what muscle is that, where does it attach, how does that point all the way over there control that muscle way over here). She is more than willing to teach you about your body mechanics and ALWAYS agreeable to answer questions. I have never feel silly for asking her something.

Stop your search for any other therapist and call her today! You WON’T be sorry.
— Ali L, Roslyn NY
After years of struggling with chronic back pain and seeing chiropractors for temporary pain relief a friend suggested I see Yasmin for massage therapy. I was quite skeptical as traditional massage has never worked to alleviate my pain issues, on my first visit with Yasmin I knew that this was in fact very different from any treatment I had ever received. I noticed a difference in the way my back felt after the very first visit. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her treatments and technique are the absolute best. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from chronic pain.
— Dale SD, Hartsdale NY
I have had several herniated disks and spinal stenosis for many, many years. Yasmin is the only person to give me relief from pain. Her Massages have released my muscle spasms giving me my old self back.
— Herb, B. Cedarhurst NY
I don’t usually go out of my way to make recommendations however, I have been working with Yasmin as a client for approximately two months and I am so happy a friend recommended her.

I have been plagued with many health issues over the years, some since childhood. I have been to so many doctors over the years without positive results and only more medicine.

Yasmin is truly a talented, gifted professional with exceptional training and experience. I finally have hope. She explains what she is doing and why. She has an amazing understanding of the human body and constantly challenges herself to learn more. She is using myofascial release in my case and is something I have not had before.

Yasmin is honest and direct. She will let you know if she thinks she can be of help.
— Judith Latman, Bayside NY
Yasmin is a Godsend! I was diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia by several doctors and I couldn’t sit at all because of the pain I was in. I thought my life was over because I presented all the classic symptoms and had visited all of the pudendal forums online like pudendalhope, which filled me with complete dread, worrying about my condition 24/7, which made my symptoms much worse. I was looking at getting nerve blocks and expensive experimental surgery because I was out of work and desperate for help. A mutual friend suggested I see Yasmin because she said she was a miracle worker and had been able to help with a decade’s worth of chronic back pain in a short period of time. I started seeing Yasmin about 5 months ago and immediately I felt significant results after just one visit with her. She was sure I didn’t have what I thought I had and even though I was very resistant letting go of my catastrophic thinking about my condition, I kept seeing her every week and noticed things gradually improving. I feel so blessed to say that I have been back to work for a whole month now. I can sit through an 8 hour day with no problem and drive in and out of the city over an hour each way in heavy traffic. I have a life again. Yasmin was simply incredible at finding the root cause of what my problem was and helping me resolve it with body work and with exercises she gave me to do at home. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me. She really has given me my life back. I am so deeply grateful. If you suffer from chronic pain of any kind and have had no luck with doctors, go and see her!
— David Jones
Yasmin is an exceptional therapist that sets herself apart from the rest with her approach to massage therapy and the results she gets. I’ve seen Yasmin a few times now and I have gotten far more help and results with her than anyone in my many years of seeing help with my lower back pain , neck pain and injury and pelvic floor pains. Yasmin’s education and extensive experience is very apparent and I now use her for personal training and myofascial Release massage . I have gotten stronger with significantly less pain and discomfort and I am finally on the mend and on my way to a healthier body and mind. I’ve come off many medications since I’ve started seeing Yasmin because my pain has subsided both mentally, physically and emotionally. I had no idea that all these things were so connected. I wholeheartedly recommend Yasmin. She’s worth every dollar I’ve spent on her!!!!